• Whether you don’t have time to shop, don’t know where to start, find yourself looking at your closet with “nothing to wear,” or feel like you need to update your style to be a little more fashion forward, I can help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank.
EXECUTIVE STYLE LAUNCH $ 1450 16 hours Professional image is a powerful yet often overlooked tool for getting results for yourself and your company.
SEASONAL WARDROBE TUNE-UP $ 750 6 hours Once you have built a functional wardrobe, all you need are some minimal adjustments to incorporate seasonal trends and make it look current.
BLACK-TIE STYLING $ 950 8 hours Whether it be a corporate party, a speaking engagement, a black tie event or a television appearance, I can help you put your best foot forward.
FREQUENT FLYER $ 450 4 hours On the go? Of course you are! Whether you travel for business or pleasure, looking sharp and feeling confident is key to a successful outcome.
CUSTOM MENSWEAR Price upon request The benefits of having custom-made clothing are evident: fit, comfort, style and quality to name but a few.