Professional image is a powerful yet often overlooked tool for getting results for yourself and your company. Hiring someone to coach you through the process of developing an authentic executive presence that supports your leadership style is not frivolous. A coach specifically trained in professional image consulting can make necessary edits to your closet and then help you select the correct colors, styles, brands and cuts of clothes and accessories to help you to communicate effectively, connect and build relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners.



Executive style launch is the full experience recommended for most first-time clients who are looking to redefine their professional image. We will start with an initial in-home or office consultation followed by the closet edit: the first step towards creating a functional wardrobe. After decluttering and reorganizing your closet I will put together a personal style profile that will provide the blue-print for the shopping session that will follow. After 6-8 hours of personal shopping (without the client) we will proceed to integrating the new purchases with your existing wardrobe and creating a digital Look-Book that will take guessing out of getting dressed for different occasions: office, business casual or weekend. Hair and grooming can equally be addressed during this time if desired.