A brand’s journey starts with the first point of contacts for your clients – the team. Your employees’ style gives that first – and crucial – memorable brand experience.  A powerful brand identity will resonate at an emotional and instinctive level. It will subconsciously communicate your business values, appeal directly to your most profitable clients and make doing business easier.

From an initial brand audit through to the creation of brand values I will work with your company to deliver a dynamic workshop ensuring that you have a professional and personal brand that reflects your desired image and gives you a competitive edge.

I will use a fun and interactive approach in addressing workplace attire to educate your staff not only to know how to dress appropriately in the workplace but also to want to look professional and polished when representing your company.

From the creation of a workplace fashion hub to interactive group corporate styling sessions and one-on-one appointments within the office or at an external event location; this will give the ladies and gents of the office more than just a styling session but an exciting experience!