• I believe in the transformative power of clothing.
On average it takes 7 seconds to form a first impression, let’s turn this to your advantage! A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word, therefore streamlining your look to reflect your individuality is an invaluable investment. My mission is to help you discover and perfect a style that feels true to who you really are. While I have a strong passion for impeccable style, above all I work to make the lives of my clients happier and more inspired. This means that the styling experience that I offer is tailored to fit the lifestyle, day-to-day schedule, personal preferences, and budget of each and every person I have the pleasure of helping. Together, we will set to transform your life through:
  • BUILDINGBuilding a wardrobe that fits your personality, lifestyle and body type, and equipping you with insights to develop your own signature style.
  • INSPIRINGInspiring you to dress with purpose and poise in a way that is both natural and effortless.
  • ELIMINATINGEliminate unnecessary time, money and energy to maximize your full personal impact potential.
  • Think of me as your one-stop shop: style advisor, honest friend and fashion expert.
Are you ready to find your style ability with Daria?