Meet Daria

  • Daria is officially my fairy godmother. I honestly don’t know how else to call her after she turned the Cinderella into a lady. Fascinating how the new wardrobe changed not only the way I look but also the way I feel. I’m a happier and more confident woman all thanks to Daria.
  • Working with Daria has been an amazing experience. She is slowly moving me out of my “style comfort zone” all while giving me the confidence I’ve been lacking. Her closet organization has been nothing less than miraculous and has changed my normally dreaded morning routine. Can’t wait to see what else is up her sleeve!
  • I was really impressed with her level of professionalism. She helped me improve my office style immensely, I feel so much more confident! Thank you Daria!
  • Daria is a God-sent. She makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet her. I was frankly dreading the experience but now I only regret that I did not start the process earlier. She brought joy of getting dressed back into my life. The person that I now see in the mirror is what I always wanted to be!
  • Daria is highly addictive, be ware of it! You won’t be able to go by your life without her daily advice. I am fortunate to have met her!


I have been doing this as long as I remember: my first makeover project was my 7- year old cousin - when I was barely nine! It’s not just a job, it is my calling. I believe in the therapeutic power of style: looking your best gives you the confidence to really be who you are. I have been blessed with an atypical lifestyle. I am a true citizen of the world: I moved countries when I was 19 for the first time and have not stopped since. I became a professional packer and unpacker - after 4 continents, 6 countries and 10 houses, I can proudly say that now I not only hold a PhD in linguistics but also in closet organizing!


I am a teacher at heart: I want you to learn, because knowledge is power. I am always there for my clients but the best tribute to my ability is when they fly with their own wings. I am fun to be around - I love people. There, I said it! I truly enjoy meeting new people and creating relationships. Style is not brain surgery and it should bring you joy, not stress. I am comfortable working in 4 languages: French, English, Russian and Spanish. Which means not only that I understand when you speak, I truly know what you think. Having lived in multiple countries I easily navigate cultural codes and interpret your expectations. I believe in eclecticism: my style inspirations come from all over the world. There is no one style, so my mission is to help you find yours, the one that resonates with you and that truly belongs to you: I don’t want you to copy anybody’s else, not even me! I am equally experienced working with men: in fact menswear is my area of expertise and I dedicated several years of my life to working in this field. I have a formal training as a professional clothier and I have access to the best fabrics and tailors worldwide.

And last but not least

And last but not least: I genuinely love what I do - and when you are passionate about it to this extend, it becomes contagious!
Are you ready to find your style ability with Daria?